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Where can you legally dredge?

Where there's no gold, of course. The environmentalists and their wholly owned subsidiary, the California Water Board has created a perfect map of where gold isn't found in California. The Water Board map shows those areas where the government has graciously allowed you to operate a suction gold dredge. Unfortunately they have excluded all the areas where there is gold. This is the end result of free Americans handing over government to "experts." Experts tend to find science to support a specific outcome. An outcome determined by who has the money. If you have a couple thousand to throw away - go buy a permit to dredge where's there's no gold. Good luck. View the map


Where's the Gold Rush?

Ever wonder where other people are filing claims? Over the past 12 months there's been over 3,100 mining claims filed in California. That's a lot more than normal, but with the price of gold up - claims up. If you're looking for a place to file a claim it's always good advice to look where others have found gold. In the Motherlode there's been 110 new claims filed in Sierra County, and 95 in Plumas. Down south there's over 2,500 new claims filed in San Bernardino and Imperial counties. The companies which filed the most claims over the past 12 months include Imperial USA Corp, 1005; Castle Mountain Venture, 495; and Puma Gold with 335. The gold rush is definitely on. You can see all the claims by clicking New Filings Map


Truck Stop

Coast to Coast for Gold

Did you ever dream of packing up and heading out west for gold? That's exactly what I've been doing for the past 25 years. Every year I leave Florida in June and don't return until September. I travel Coast to Coast in search of gold and every year is different. Want to do the trip yourself? Follow the articles over the next few reading the Coast to Coast series.


Trying to Get a Permit

The boys down at Murphy's Bar are trying real hard to be legal, but obtaining permits might just be more than they bargained for. After years of being undocumented dredgers in a sanctuary canyon, Bob Flanagan decides to come out of the closet and get a permit. He soon discovers its not so much about clean water as it is about having more


Dredging for Dummies

Let's be honest. Running a dredge isn't rocket science. It pretty much comes down to sticking a nozzle in the water and sucking up gravel. The first time I put a dredge in the water I had no one to tell me how it went together and I might have skipped a step or two, but I pulled the starter, put the regulator in my mouth...Read More

Gold Finds

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