Western Mining Alliance

Mining Claim Services

Tired of working worn out club claims? Get your own mining claim. You don't have to buy it from us, or anyone else. File it yourself and save big money. We provide research support or full support dependent on your requirements. We'll even provide a second set of eyes, for free, on a mining claim you're thinking about buying. If you want some support, drop us an email for a free quote to provide you with your own mining claim.


Claim Consulting

Owning your own mining claim can be a great experience. You have the mineral rights to all the gold and you have a free camping spot. If you want your own mining claim we provide assistance, from the bare minimum, to full support. We maintain our own databases of mining claims which includes nearly 500,000 mining claims, both active and historic. For specific counties in California we also maintain our own database of location documents. We track newly filed claims, forfeited claims, active claims and claims which used to exist, but the ground is vacant now. We can assist you in finding some good ground. You can write to us a for a quote. Info@TheMiningAlliance.com.


Claim Monitoring

We provide a claim monitoring service for $50 a year for up to 5 claims. We'll send you a monthly e-mail, at the end of every month notifying you that someone has, or has not, filed in your area. Claim over-filing has always been a problem, and probably always will be. In the majority of cases we've seen, once the person finds out they over-filed someone else they will drop their claim. The real problem comes in when a claim flipper picks up your claim and sells it to someone, it happens. Now you've got to take the person who bought the claim to court and the claim flipper walks away. Get early notification if someone files near you by using our monitoring service. Info@TheMiningAlliance.com


Field Services and Research

Looking to buy a claim or are you looking for some new ground? Our claims database tracks over 500,000 mining claims across the western states. For specific California counties, including Sierra, Plumas, Nevada and Placer - the heart of the Motherlode we maintain a database of historic, and active, location documents providing the precise location of mining claims. We can check out ground for you, and provide a report which provides information on access and sampling results. We can provide custom online, interactive maps which provide active, forfeited, historic and newly filed claims allowing you to rapidly narrow your search for new ground to the most promising areas. info@TheMiningAlliance.com


Lease a Claim

Do you want to have your own mining claim for the summer? Or maybe just a week? We've got some nice claims with drive in access and camping spots for multiple vehicles. If you and your group want to try something different this year, try mining. We can even provide an experienced miner to help you get set up and show you how to mine. You keep all the gold you find. During your lease you have exclusive access to the claim. Bring your family or friends and enjoy a week on a river in the Sierras. We can arrange a lease with different types of claims such as metal detecting, high benches, or creeks. Looking for something more custom, or adventuresome? See what's available and pricing write to us at info@TheMiningAlliance.com