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Looking for some adventure?

Spend a Day With Us

New to prospecting, or just want to do something different? How about a day prospecting with us. Tag along with us on different adventures from steep hikes into canyons, peaceful days just panning on the Yuba or a trip to the Nevada desert. We've been doing this a long time, found a lot of interesting areas, and if you're looking for your own mining claim we can design a trip to go to ground you could claim as your own at the end of the day. If you're interested write to us at info@TheMiningAlliance.com.


Metal Detect at the 16:1 Mine

This is a unique opportunity and you do it on a percentage share basis. You will have access to over a hundred years of quartz tailings. The mine will spread the tailings out for you, or you can just walk the property looking for your own discoveries in old tailings. Multiple old mines, and mills are on the private property. This mine is known as the richest mine in the Alleghany district. The mine provides camping, either RV or tent and access to the private property. Write to us for more information info@TheMiningAlliance.com


Tour an Underground Mine

There are over 30 miles of underground tunnels at the 16:1 mine in Alleghany. You, or your group, can arrange a tour of the mine, and the grounds. On this tour you'll be guided by actual miners who will explain the history of the mine, where rich pockets were taken out and how the mine is being operated today. This is a rare opportunity to see a historic underground gold mine. The mine is private property and individual or group camping can be arranged. Write to us info@TheMiningAlliance.com


Lease a Claim

Want to lease a private mining claim for a week next summer? We've got some nice claims with drive in access and camping spots for multiple vehicles. You can have the claim and any gold you find for the week. Our claims are near Downieville and you'll have exclusive access for your week. Bring your family or friends and enjoy a week on a river in the Sierras. We can arrange a lease with different types of claims such as metal detecting, high benches, or creeks. Write to us at info@TheMiningAlliance.com