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Do you want to get out there and find gold? What's stopping you? If you're tired of working ground which has been worked over, and then worked over again, then get your own mining claim. We can sell you one, we can lease you one, or we can just help you find one in the area you want. Just about all the pictures on this website are of gold we've found. We're not getting rich, but we're having a helluva time. If you want your own claim contact us, or check out our Store page for the most recent Claims Reports.

We've been prospecting and mining for a long time. During that time we've drove a lot of roads, walked a lot of canyons and hiked into some pretty remote places. We've also managed to put together what we believe is one of the best sources of available mining claims - our annual Claims Report. We can help you find a claim by providing you with good locations to go look; we can find a claim for you; or you can buy one of our existing claims which we offer from time to time on this site. Even if you don't go with us - we wish you luck out there and hope we'll run into you some day. Even if you just want to talk about mines and gold - drop us a line, it's always good to talk gold. Info@theMiningAlliance.com.

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