Packs and Gear

Use what we use when out prospecting

EMT Pouch

Use this pouch for your emergency first aid kit. It has one primary pocket with plenty of webbing to hold bottles and pouches. You can also use it for your sample bottles and tools. $10.95


Pocket Pouch

Handy little pouch to attach to your pack or belt and keep your valuables or identification in. Mesh outer pocket where you can store collection bottles for easy access. $10.95


Gadget Pouch

There's a surprising number of pockets in this small pouch. Put it on your belt, or attach to your prospecting pack. Handy little pouch to keep spare batteries, flashlights and small prospecting tools. $10.95



If you've ever run into us in the field, or looked at any of the pictures, then you know this is the cap we always wear. It is the single best cap we've ever owned. You can swap patches out on the velcro patch on the front.



Here's a selection of patches to fit the hat to the left. The hat ships with the tan American flag patch. You can accesorize your hat by ordering additional patches and swapping them out. New patch means a new hat.