Miners in the Sierra

Mining Art


Every now and then we run across something which reminds us of being out mining and this is one of those paintings. This painting was done in 1851-1852 by two painters: Charles Christian Nahl and August Weneroth. If you look up either painter on the web you'll see they both did some really nice work. What's particularly nice about these artists is they were first hand observers of the Gold Rush and they painted what they saw. We printed this at 12" x 15" on heavy poster material to keep the price reasonable, but we can also print it on canvas if you want something a little more expensive looking. If you want a different size, just ask us and we can tell you how much it would be.

  • Artist: Charles Christian Nahl
  • Year: 1851
  • TitleMiners in the Sierra
  • Material Poster
  • Size 12" x 15"
  • Price$19.95