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We believe in mining claim ownership. It's only through the collective action of claim owners we can restore our ability to mine free from unreasonable and unnecessary regulation. In our mission to make mining claims more available to the general public we've created our own database where we're tracking nearly half a million mining claims across the west. Each year we begin tracking claims which may be forfeited and as a subscriber you will receive this information in the form of our annual Advanced Report, simply select the region you are interested in. Additionally you will receive our insider's information on land currently available for locating mining claims and support from our research at county recorder's offices. You will also be the first to know when new mining claims are offered for sale, and as a subscriber you will receive a 10% discount on purchasing any mining claim we offer. Finally, you get access to us. If you need additional information we're available to provide you specialized research, and we can assist in your mining claim location by doing the field work, and the recorder work. When it comes to mining claims we can act as a one stop shop and provide as much, or as little, assistance you need.


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Select the region with your membership. You will receive the Advanced Report for the selected region. The Advanced Report normally ships in January - February of each year.

The $100 annual subscription provides you with insiders information on available mining claims. The Advanced Report is perhaps the best source of available mining claims out there. With this report you have access to information on thousands of available mining claims and you get it months in advance of the general public.

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$250 Subscription


The region you select is the area we will provide information on mining claims. This includes personal e-mails of potentially available claims; the Advanced Claims Report which typically is sent in November of each year and e-mail and telephone support to help you acquire your mining claim.

We provide you with detailed information on mining claims which are pending forfeiture or abandonment. The information includes specific geographic information such as "North Fork Feather River" and the mapsheet the claim is located on. Our detailed information can be found nowhere else. Once you narrow your search we can provide assistance in searching county recorder records; doing field work such as prospecting or sampling; monumenting and providing specialized reports such as the claim history, or information on recent claim locations.