2020 SOCAL Advanced Report


Price: $99.95

As Of: NOV 2019

Next Update: Around end of December, or so

Pages: 146

Counties: All SOCAL counties and includes Inyo

Total Claims listed: 2,770

Forfeited (closed) Claims: Currently 857

Claims Currently on Watch List: 1,813

Type Report: Hard copy

The 2020 SOCAL Report includes the Final 2019 SOCAL Report and the current 2020 Advanced Report.

Report Description

The 2020 SOCAL Advanced Report provides mining claim information for all SOCAL counties including Inyo. This year we are combining the 2019 Final Closed Claim Report with this year's Advanced Report. The 2019 Report has 847 claims which were forfeited including 555 mining claims which still are available for new location. The 2020 Watch List includes 1,813 mining claims which we are watching to see whether they will be forfeited or not. This early in the year we usually have about 50% of the claims on the list will not end up being forfeited. You must always do your homework. This list is meant as a research tool and provides extremely valuable information, but to ensure you file a valid claim you will need to check with both the county recorder and the BLM prior to filing to ensure you're not overfiling a valid claim.

Caution!Even though a claim is officially forfeited it doesn't necessarily mean it is available for new location. We provide a status on a specific date. Someone could have already filed on it. The report provides new filings relative to the geographic area only as of the date we produce the report but it still provides a good indicator of whether the claim would be available for new location.


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