2019 SOCAL Advanced Report

2018 SOCAL

Price: $59.95

Current No. Claims on List: 1,327

Current Forfeited Claims: 8

Current Claims we're watching: 1,352

Pages of Data: 162

As Of: 1 March 2019

Next Update: May 2019

Type Report: Next report will be the final

Caution!Just because a claim is on this list doesn't mean it's available for new location. Our experience shows about 80% of the watch list will end up being forfeited, based on last year's final number we're probably tracking a little closer than 80%. The primary purpose of this list is to eliminate all those claims which we know won't be forfeited.

This list provides you a significant advantage over those who don't have it. We're providing our predictions of claims which will likely be forfeited in the near future in advance of the general public knowing. This means you have months of head start on most claims to do your research and wait to see if it actually closes. Based on prior years we think we're going to be pretty accurate this year.

This is a printed and bound REPORT (not book or CD) from our custom mining claims database.

In addition to providing the list of claims which are forfeited, or pending forfeiture, we also screen those claims against all new filings to see whether someone may have already filed on the claim. If so, then you'll see an entry in the final two columns of the data.

Report Description

This is the 2019 Advanced Report for SOCAL. We're watching about 1,330 claims this year. Only 8 claims on the list have been officially closed by BLM. Last year we saw 1,327 claims in SOCAL forfeited so we should be well over 95% accurate on claims we're watching which should ultimately end up forfeiting.

In addition to providing you with our advanced data the report also provides the geographic feature the claim is located in or near and the USGS mapsheet the claim is on. This isn't just a list of claims which are closed, this is a list of claims which we believe you should watch because they MAY close in the near future.

There are a number of reasons a claim could be on this list and not be forfeited. This includes BlM hasn't updated their database yet; there may be some fixable issue with the filing; the claim owner traditionally files a small miner's waiver, but hasn't filed the Affadavit of Assessment work yet; or the claim owner forgot to file.

This is an extremely valuable resource if you're looking for your own mining claim, or wish to upgrade your mining properites if you use it correctly.


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