2019 Idaho Mining Claim Report

IDAHO Report

Price: $79.95

Current No. Claims on List: 3,479

Pages of Data: 260

As Of: 1 March 2019

Next Update: Final Report

Covers: All of Idaho

Type Report: Printed report

Report Description

New! This is the 2019 Advanced Report for Idaho. There are 3,479 unique mining claims on the list including 725 forfeited claims and over 2,700 claims we think you should keep an eye on. This year's Idaho report also includes forfeited claims from the prior year where we know no one has filed on them yet meaning they are still available for new location.

The report provides two categories of claims including claims which are officially forfeited, and may be available for new location, and claims which we think may be forfeited in the near future, but they still show as active with BLM.

The data provided in this report is from our own custom mining claim database, and we've found for those claims which we say you should watch there is about a 80% chance they will really be forfeited within the next few months. Of course some of the list won't be forfeited, but this list provides you with advanced notice, prior to the public, of claims which may be forfeited.

This report also provides you with the geographic information for the claim such as "Clearwater River" and provides the location of the claim by USGS map sheet. Included with the report is information on how to research and file mining claims.

The next version published will be the Final Report.

Caution: This report provides the full listing of forfeited claims. Always do your homework prior to filing a claim. Although the claim was forfeited it may have already been filed on and is not available to new location. Always check with the BLM LR 2000 for new filings; the county recorder and on the ground for new claim posts.


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