2018 CALIFORNIA Final Report


Price: $19.95

As Of: 1 March 2019

Next Update: There are no further updates

Pages: NORCAL 50pp / SOCAL 64pp

# of Claims on List: NORCAL 932 claims / SOCAL 1,178 claims

Includes: Select either NORCAL or SOCAL

Type Report: Hard Copy

California 2018 Closed Claims by County

Report Description

This is the 2018 Final Report for NORCAL. There are 932 total claims on the list, see the table to the left on how they break out by county, and of that 932 claims there 143 523 claims which were forfeited last year, but no one has yet filed on them, as of this update.

The Claims Report isn't just a "how to" for finding claims. It includes a text portion which explains how to research and stake your own claim, but most importantly it provides you with location data for claims which were forfeited last year, and in many cases no one else has filed on them so they may still be available if you act quick.

The data portion of the report provides you with full listing of forfeited claims and includes all the information you need to locate your own mining claim including the geographic location of the forfeited claim and the named geographic feature the claim is on, or near. Additionally we've removed another huge research task from you by providing whether the claim has already been filed on. The last two columns of the data sheet (see example below) lets you know whether someone has filed a claim in the same area since the date of claim closure.

Sample Data Sheet