2018 NEVADA Advanced Report

2018 Nevada

Price: $89.95

Current No. Claims on List: 11,145

Pages of Data: 340

As Of: 15 Dec 2017

Next Update: 15 Jan 2017

Nevada is sold in three versions: Eastern, Central, Western

Eastern: Includes Clark, Elko, Lincoln and White Pine. 3,459 claims on list, and 64 pages of data.

Central:Includes Churchill, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander and Nye. 7,795 claims on list and 169 pages.

Western:Includes Carson City, Douglas, Esmeralda, Lyon, Washoe, Storey. 5,874 claims on list and 108 pages of data.

Type Report: Hard copy

Report Description

This is the 2018 Advanced Report. The Advanced Report provides information in "advance" of official BLM updates. This is the initial listing of federal mining claims which appear to have some issue and MAY be forfeited in 2018

There are a number of reasons a claim could be on this list and not be forfeited. This includes BlM hasn't updated their database yet; there may be some fixable issue with the filing; the claim owner traditionally files a small miner's waiver, but hasn't filed the Affadavit of Assessment work yet; or the claim owner forgot to file.

This is an extremely valuable resource if you're looking for your own mining claim, or wish to upgrade your mining properites if you use it correctly.

Caution!Just because a claim is on this list doesn't mean it's available for new location. Our experience shows this early report will have about 50% of the list which will not be forefeited. This report is for research only, and doesn't indicate a claim on this list IS forfeited. The primary purpose of this list is to eliminate all those claims which we know won't be forfeited.


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