2018 NEVADA Advanced Report

2018 Nevada

Price: $29.95 - $39.95

Eastern NV Claims on List: 2,447

Eastern NV pages of data: 113pp

Central NV Claims on List:4,364

Central NV pages of data: 150pp

Western NV Claims on List:4,062

Western NV pages of data:156pp

As Of: 1 March 2019

Next Update: This is final, no further updates

Nevada is sold in three versions: Eastern, Central, Western

Eastern: Includes Clark, Elko, Eureka, Lincoln and White Pine.

Central:Includes Churchill, Humboldt, Lander and Nye and Pershing.

Western:Includes Carson City, Douglas, Esmeralda, Lyon, Mineral, Washoe and Storey.

Type Report: Hard copy

Report Description

Last year over 10,000 mining claims were abandoned or forfeited in Nevada. During that same time period nearly 65,000 mining claims were filed. Mining claim activity in Nevada is booming and we constantly see the big companies readjusting their exploration and mining. For small scale miners there are always good areas coming on the market. The Nevada Report is produced in three regional versions: Eastern, Central and Western. A final report means we believe final actions on forfeitures are completed and there won't be any further updates to the data. Even though this is the 2018 Final Report there is still a large percentage of mining claims in Nevada which were forfeited, and no one has yet filed on them.

For Eastern Nevada 82% of forfeited claims still have no new locations (2,008 out of 2,447). In Central Nevada 77% of forfeited claims are still available (3,397 of 4,364) and in Western Nevada 84% of forfeited claims are still available (3,415 of 4,062).

If you're looking for mining claims in Nevada this report is an invaluable resource.

Sample Data

Sample Data