2018 ARIZONA Final Report


Price: $19.95

Current No. Claims on List: 2,750

Pages of Data: 112

Coverage: Entire State

As Of: March, 15 2019

Next Update: This is the Final Report

Type Report: Hard copy

Caution!Just because a claim is on this list doesn't mean its available for new location. You must do your own research to ensure no one has filed on it since we published the list.

Number of claims forfeited by county in 2018

Report Description

This isn't just a "how to" report. The report not only tells you how to stake your own mining claim, it also tells you where to look by providing you the current information on claims either forfeited, or claims pending forfeiture. Even though this is the 2018 report it still has 2,275 claims on the list where no one has filed a new claim. There's an awful lot of available claims out there including several filed in 1906 and 15 claims filed before 1950. Some of these mining claims have been held for a long time and this report provides you the research material to find and stake your own claim.

The report consists of two parts: A text portion which explains how to locate and maintain your own mining claim, and then the data portion which provides you with a listing of mining claims which may be available for new location. The report is published in two versions - a Final Report which contains only claims which have officially been forfeited, and the Advanced Version which is typically for the current year which contains claims which are forfeited and claims we believe will be forfeited in the near future.

In the left column is the complete listing of forfeited claims by county. Below is an extract showing you the information provided in the report. We not only provide you the full claim information, we also provide the geographic location and we even do a check against all new filings to see if anyone else has already filed on the forfeited claim, the last two columns of the report provide the new location date and the new claim owner if there is one.

Sample Data

Sample Data