Maps for Prospecting

Critical Habitat Map

This is an online, interactive map. You can see the details for each designated critical habitat area.

This map provides the critical habitat designations for California and Nevada. All listed species as of April 2017 are included. The map was produced by gathering all the critical habitat shape files from the USFWS web site and plotting them using ARC GIS. Use this map for determining whether your claim, or your prospective claim is within a critical habitat designated area. There's a lot of it out there and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has closed any area in critical habitat to dredging.

Motherlode Claims

The active mine map is back up. This map plots the location of active mines for the 4 California counties we have completed which includes Nevada, Plumas, Sierra and Butte. This is a great map for figuring out where the gold mining hot spots are, and there is nothing else like it on the internet. The map provides the active claim locations within each section and quadrant and plots to within a hundred yards accuracy the location of the claim.

Port Wine Ridge, Sierra County, 1924 Mines

This is a single page PDF map of the Port Wine Ridge Area

Prepared in 1924 this map shows the historical claims. Most of these claims were hydraulic or drift operations. This is a great map for research on the Port Wine Ridge.

Mine Resource Map

This is an online, interactive map. You can pan and zoom for your particular area and see the details for each mine site.

This map provides the location of known mines and mineral sites. It is a great research tool for locating old mines. The map provides information for the entire west and additionally maps the location of the old (tertiary) fault lines in California. The information includes details of the mine site, when known and is especially handy when you're looking for the location of old, historical mines. This map doesn't provide the location of existing, active claims.

Laporte CA Tertiary Valleys

This is a single page PDF which shows the tertiary areas near Laporte CA

If you're interested in the Laporte area this is a good resource map for locating the tertiary areas. It covers the area from Honey Lake in the east to Laporte in the west. From Quincy in the north to the Eureka Diggins in the south.

BLM Official Land Records

If you're researching claims then you must use this site.

Whether you're trying to find your own claim, looking to buy a claim, or wanting to sell a claim you'd better check Glo Records first. We don't know how many times we've seen Milsap Bar claimed, only to be dropped the following years. Glo Records gives you the legal land status of the area. Many areas are withdrawn from mineral location, such as the Milsap Bar area on the Middle Fork of the Feather. But, did you also know in certain areas the land is sub-divided into "plots"? In areas with old townsites, you encounter legal land subdivisions where the description is given as a plot. Did you know for a valid claim you have to claim the entire plot? Be wise, check BLM Glo Records first.

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