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The Western Mining Alliance has been around for about 10 years. Every now and then we find, and offer for sale, mining claims which we think may be pretty good. When you buy from us you get a money back guarantee - try getting that from "claim flippers."

Featured Mining Claims

Canyon Creek, Sierra County, Placer Claims

Canyon Creek in Sierra County. Beautiful, rugged, remote and yet you can drive right to this claim. Great looking bedrock and deep pools. Click on the pictures for more information.


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Want to Find Your Own Claim?

Here's the insider's secret. If you want to find your own claim then you'll want to check out our annual Claim Reports listed below. It's what we use to find our own claims and it's not like thousands of people are running around with this information. You'd be one of a handful with information on mining claims which MAY be foreclosed in the near future.

Claims for Sale

Ever wanted your own mining claim? The Western Mining Alliance has been around for about 10 years. We've led the fight to restore your mining rights to use a suction dredge, and we're still in this legal fight. With our database, and knowledge of mining claims, we can find high quality mining claims and offer them for sale to fund our ongoing litigation. When you buy from us you can have the confidence of knowing we'll give you your money back if the claim isn't what we say it is.


Canyon Creek 1Nice claim downstream from Canyon Creek 2. Good gold potential and lots of nice bedrock.

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Canyon Creek 2Drive right to the claim. Nice campground, great bedrock.

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Hidden Yuba Placer ClaimNice spot on the Yuba River with a cabin on the claim. Great gold potential with deep pools showing nice jagged bedrock.



Bucks Ravine Placer20 acre claim on Pearson Ravine, Sierra County

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Liberty II Placer20 acre claim on Potosi Creek in Sierra County

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Indian Camp Placer ClaimNorth Fork of the Yuba River right at the Indian Camp campground. Camp right on the claim. Sampling shows great gold.


TRI 16

20 acre placer in Sierra County Downstream from over 10 hydraulic pits


Kayla Anne

20 acre placer claim Slate Creek Located in historic hydraulic tailings area


Sheryl Anne

40 acre claim on Canyon CreekRemote and excellent gold potential


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