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The Western Mining Alliance maintains a database of over 250,000 active federal mining claims across the West. We also maintain a database of closed claims and areas available for new location. We will be updating this page with current information on claims, and we will update our claim listings to include claims we have available for sale. We currently have no claims available for sale. If you would like to list a claim for sale, or donate a claim for a tax deduction, you can contact us at info@theminingalliance.com.

In addition to the standard reports we publish each year, we can also prepare custom reports. We track every mining claim across the west, and we can prepare just about any type of custom report you could imagine.

Freedom 7

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If you've ever wanted your own mining claim you should check out our claim reports. Each year we publish, for sale, a listing of all abandoned claims by state. For members we also publish a list, usually in January, of all claims which may come available. On occasion we'll file on our own claims, and we'll post them here. Claim information changes all the time, be sure to check back.       
TRI 16

20 acre placer in Sierra County Downstream from over 10 hydraulic pits

Kayla Anne

20 acre placer claim Slate Creek Located in historic hydraulic tailings area

Sheryl Anne

40 acre claim on Canyon CreekRemote and excellent gold potential

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