Oregon Creek

20 acre placer claim - Tippi Two

Claim Info:

This 20 acre placer claim is located on the lower reaches of Oregon Creek, Sierra County, just below the Tippecanoe Hydraulic pit Hydraulic channel- near the town of Pike. Three inside bends, tons of steam-edge to stream-edge bedrock, high bench and a huge and extensive gravel bar will offer you many opportunities to find some great gold. Downstream of some of the richest ancient channels in Sierra County and literally just a couple hundred feet down the hill from the Tippecanoe ancient river channel, this claim has plenty of gold potential to keep a large group of miners busy for years to come.

Access is by two dirt roads- one from the north and another from the south through the Tippecanoe Hydraulic pit to take you to the stream side camping at the crossing of Oregon Creek. The campsites are just downstream about a quarter of a mile downstream from the claim. The walk in from the stream side campsites takes about 20 minutes and you follow the creek and cross the creek in a couple of places. According to historical google earth images there may possibly be ATV access from the north to a campsite on the claim just downstream of this claim 100 feet.

We were down at the claim last week and although the weather outside was in the mid nineties, the filtered shade of the stream side vegetation made it a very pleasant place to be. Shady, cool and absolutely beautiful, with bedrock all over the place. If you want a beautiful place to mine, this is it!

  • Offered by: Private individual
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMC:CAMC 322840
  • County: Sierra
  • Price: $4,200
  • Guarantee15 days money back
  • Contact:Info@TheMiningAlliance.com
  • Access:Dirt road
  • Camping:Camping within 1/4 mile
  • Gold Potential:Good
  • Equipment:Dredge or highbanker and sniping

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