Yuba River North Fork

20 acre placer claim - The Rusty Pick

Rusty Pick
Rusty Pick
Rusty Pick

Claim Info:

20 acre placer claim on the beautiful North Fork of the Yuba River in Sierra County.

This is the nicest claim we've offered. We picked this claim up in 2016 and thought we'd keep it, but plans change and this claim is now available. This is the upstream claim from the Hidden Yuba claim and evidence of old time mining abounds along the banks of this river.

For most claims along the Yuba parking can be a challenge, but this claim has an actual pulloff where you can park 5-6 vehicles well off the road and the middle of the claim is directly across the road.

This claim starts downstream from the mouth of Negro Canyon and runs upstream for over 400 yards. This is a dredgers dream with lots of bedrock showing and areas where the creek flattens out, and areas where the boulders hang up. Even outside the river there are some nice areas to do some digging with high bench on both sides of the creek. If you do a little wandering around you'll find evidence of old roads and trails leading to the diggings above the river. There's even evidence of a placer drift mine on the north side of the road.

Under the new suction dredging regulations this claim is open year round for dredging because its upstream from Ladies Canyon.

  • Offered by: Western Mining Alliance
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMC:CAMC 0314348
  • County: Sierra
  • Price: $15,000
  • Guarantee15 days money back
  • Contact:Info@TheMiningAlliance.com
  • Access:Right next to Hwy 49
  • Camping:USFS campsites within 10 miles
  • Gold Potential:Excellent
  • Equipment:Dredge or highbanker
  • Download an Information Sheet

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