Potosi Creek, Sierra County

Liberty II Placer Claim


Claim Info:

20 acre placer claim on Potosi Creek, Sierra County, near the old townsite of Howland Flat

If you like mining history, then this claim is in the heart of it. Just up the road is the old ghost town of Howland Flat, and just upstream is the old site of the mining town of Potosi.

This creek is one of the very few I've seen where the tertiary gravel bedrock, and the modern day stream bedrock are the same. At the upper end you can see piles of cobbles where they just took the old channel gravels off the same bedrock the current creek is flowing on. As you move downstream the creek cuts away from the channel. The upper part is primarily woods, then the creek drops into a canyon with a series of 3 waterfalls and deep pools. Then at the lower end the creek flattens back out again.

A lot of tailings went down this creek. The famous Lincoln - Potosi drift mine was just upstream and the concrete foundations are still visible. There are numerous drift workings at the upper end and there is a report from the 1800s of a drift mine crew taking out a 100lb chunk of quartz/gold from a decomposed vein about 1/4 mile from this claim.

This is a great little get away claim where you can spend endless hours exploring mining remains, and spend some time sniping the creek for gold. The times I've spent panning and sluicing this creek have always produced gold and I've found half pennyweight nuggets in the bedrock.

This is a remote claim but a 2wd can access it. There is a nice campsite next to the creek at the upper end you can drive to. To drive to the camp you would probably want 4x4, but a 2wd could probably make it. I don't think I'd do it though. Like everything in mining country, with the dreding ban the road to the camp (about 100 yards) could use some brushing out. I estimate it would take an afternoon to just clear it up and pick up the dead wood. The picture lower left shows the campsite and the road leading to it.

This is really a nice little claim with potential for decent gold. You're not going to get rich, but you can have a great time camping and sniping.

  • Offered by: Private Party
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMCCAMC 314315
  • County Sierra
  • Price $1,250
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