Yuba River North Fork

Indian Camp Placer Claim


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SALE PENDING as of 1 May 2018, check back

Rare opportunity to purchase your own Yuba River mining claim which is handicap accessible. This claim is located at the Indian River Campground where you can park your RV within 20' of the river. The previous claim owner held this claim since 1980 and reported good gold found throughout the gravels which is what you expect from the North Fork of the Yuba River

The Yuba River is divided into 3 forks: North, Middle and South. All the forks of the Yuba are known for good gold, but none is more famous, or sought after, than the North Fork. The North Fork passes through Sierra City and Downieville and is highly enriched from the tertiary gravels on both sides of the valley. Huge nuggets have been found in this area and Sierra County is the hottest spot for both lode and placer mines.

This is a 13 acre placer claim which has over 1,000 feet of river and the width of the river varies from 200' - 400'. There is good high banking above the water line and a small hydraulic pit is on the western side of the claim, above the river. The claim holds both bench and river gravels.

The beauty of this claim is it offers several channels you can work. Working the middle or south side of the claim you are unobservable from the campground. Banks of vegetation and instream islands screen your mining operations from campers.

This claim would be worth well over $30,000 if dredging was legal. Even with the current ban on dredging this is a nice claim to hold for its bench gravels and hope we can one day restore your right to mine the claim. You can take a chance and buy it at this steeply discounted price, then sell it for a profit, or you can hold it for generations.

Finding a claim on the North Fork of the Yuba is rare, but finding one right next to a campground is near impossible. Don't let this claim slip away from you, contact us now for more information.

  • Offered by: Private Party
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMCCAMC 314460
  • County Sierra
  • Price $12,000 SALE PENDING
  • Guarantee30 days money back

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