Canyon Creek, Sierra County

Segundo Placer Claim


Claim Info:

Canyon Creek! If you're looking for a remote mining claim with great gold potential then check out this claim. This 20 acre claim has three distinct areas: upper, middle and lower. The upper and lower would be great areas to run a dredge. The top and bottom are areas where the boulders and heavies drop out. The middle section is almost completely flat and would be great for sniping both above and below water.

Pictures to the left from top picture to bottom: 1st picture is the middle part of the claim where the creek just lays down flat and the bedrock is scoured. The 2nd picture is the southern slope of the canyon - from within the canyon it looks like easier access. The third picture is standing in the middle part and looking upstream. The 4th picture is the lower end and shows a lot of nice area for dredging.

There's no easy way into Canyon Creek. If you wanted easy you should have seen the two claims we sold last year where you could drive right to the river. However, this claim is just downstream from those claims and you can still drive right to the creek, where there is a beautiful, large, flat sandbar where multiple trucks could park.

The access road is surprisingly good given that you're driving to Canyon Creek. For the first 1.2 miles it's a gentle grade and even a 2WD could make it. The last 400 yards is steeper, but still nothing awful. 4 Low on most vehicles will work. But this road hasn't been brushed out since the dredging ban and you may want to consider a quad for access.

Getting to Canyon Creek is a challenge, but once there you have about a mile walk downstream to top of the claim. The times we've been to this claim we walked from the camping spot right down the river, but this was late in the year and river was low - don't plan on doing this in the spring with snow melt.

We've accessed this claim by just walking downriver from the parking area on the creek. The simplest, quickest and safest way is to just put on some wet suit bottoms and move out. Our access has always been from the Port Wine Ridge side, but once you're in the canyon it appears that access from the Eureka Diggins road side may be easier. If you look at the picture below you're looking at the Eureka Diggins Road side and the slope is actually quite manageable. We haven't tried that side, but it's usually easier to get into Canyon Creek from the south side.

Canyon Creek is known for good gold. From the headwaters up near Poker Flat to its junction with the Yuba River, this creek is fed by both old tertiary channels, and the tailings from countless drift and hydraulic mines. Although it may not be so obvious in the pictures we snapped a shot of some tertiary cobble about 30' above the river indicating there may be opportunity for finding nice gold well above the river.

Every claim we've had on Canyon Creek has sold. If you want a claim where no one is going to bother you, then this is it. Once on the claim movement up and down creek is pretty easy. Some nice nuggets have come out of Canyon Creek and the experience of working within this beautiful canyon is one you'll enjoy for years to come.

  • Offered by: Private Party
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMCCAMC 0319582
  • County Sierra
  • Price $2,500
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