Middle Fork of the Yuba River

Gold Bend Placer Claim


Claim Info:

20 acre placer claim on the middle fork of the Yuba River. This river is known for great gold and is highly sought after. This claim is downstream from the Our House Dam and access is by a paved road, then a 400 yard walk on an established trail to the river. This claim covers both sides of the river and location documents are filed in both Sierra and Nevada county.

Gold Bend is nearly a half mile of river and contains thousands of cubic yards of gold bearing gravels. Whether you're wanting to spend a weekend poking around, or you want to do some serious dredging this claim can provide good gold. The center of this claim has a huge gravel bar that appears to not have been worked for a very long time judging by the size of the trees. Claims both upstream and downstream from here are primarily stripped bedrock with very little gravel to work, this claim is the exception and contains both gravels, bedrock and deep pools.

The picture at the upper left shows a bedrock dike which extends out into the river. This would be an ideal place to spend some time sniping. The middle picture to the left shows the results of just two pans sniping some crevices. You can see how chunky the gold is on this claim. The lower picture shows you just how much material there is to work, and also shows you even in September the water is still flowing enough to support a 5" dredge.

In addition to holding the potential for good gold this is a really nice claim to have for camping. From the pictures you can get some idea of how beautiful this canyon is and with just a short walk from your truck you can be tucked away in a nice canyon for both adventures and gold hunting.

If you're looking for a great claim for either professional level dredging, or just weekend sniping, then this is your claim. This claim will sell quick, if you look at our claim listings you can see similar claims have sold within days of being posted. This claim won't last long and its your opportunity to own a piece of the famous middle fork.


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