Canyon Creek, Sierra County

Canyon Creek 2 Placer Claim


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20 acre placer mining claim on Canyon Creek, Sierra County, California. 4x4 access right to the creek and plenty of room to camp. The camping area would hold 5 vehicles and probably 10 tents. This would be a good club claim. There is a lot of creek here to work and a lot of bedrock showing with deep pools. Going upstream the creek flattens out and there's a lot of nice area to pull boulders and hit the gold which drops out on the flat stretch. This creek will easily support a 5" dredge and you could likely run a 6".

The top picture to the left is a view of the camping area with Canyon Creek in the background. The camping area is a nice sandy area with no rocks.

The access road is surprisingly good given that you're driving to Canyon Creek. For the first 1.2 miles it's a gentle grade and even a 2WD could make it. The last 400 yards is steeper, but still nothing awful. 4 Low on most vehicles will work.

Canyon Creek is the next canyon north of the North Fork of the Yuba River. This rugged canyon is a miniature version of the Yuba River and is one of the few rivers in the state of California which runs its entirety with no bridge crossings. There are only three places on Canyon Creek where you can gain access with a motorized vehicle, and this claim is one of them. Once into the canyon you have ample space for camping and plenty of river to work.

Canyon Creek is known for good gold. From the headwaters up near Poker Flat to its junction with the Yuba River, this creek is fed by both old tertiary channels, and the tailings from countless drift and hydraulic mines. Some nice nuggets have come out of Canyon Creek and the experience of working within this beautiful canyon is one you'll enjoy for years to come.

  • Offered by: Private Party
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMCCAMC 0318095
  • County Sierra
  • Price $3,500
  • Guarantee30 days money back

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