Pearson Ravine, Sierra County

Bucks Ravine Placer Claim


Claim Info:

This is a 20 acre placer claim in Pearson Ravine which is a tributary to Slate Creek in Sierra County, California. This small ravine has the advantage of receiving both lode and placer gold. Above, on both ridges are lode sources and the ravine also cut the ancient tertiary river.

Although this is a small ravine it has water all summer. Early summer is your best bet for working the creek with a dredge, but if you want to snipe the bedrock wait until late August. The picture in the upper left is the result of 2 days of sampling the lower end of this claim. As you can see it has pretty good gold. I have found lode gold washed down into the creek before, but it appears the vast majority of the gold is coming from the ancient tertiary channel on the ridge.

An old lode mine is directly above this claim, see the picture to the left. It has been worked off and on for the past 60 years and is currently in a state of disrepair. Historical documents show a number of lode sources in the area and there is a hyrdaulic pit on the ridge.

This is a remote mining claim near Mt. Fillmore, in the Table Rock Mining District. You can access the claim with a 4wd truck. The only part you'll actually need 4wd for is crossing Pearson Ravine. Although this is a county road, Sierra County spends about zero on this road and in previous years I found I was the first one to travel the road in the spring and had to clear it myself.

There are several camping options. There is a large flat camping area near where the trail leaves the road. You can also camp right where you park to start walking the trail, or if you have an ATV you can drive an ATV to within 100 yards of the creek and there is a nice flat camping area at the bottom of the hill. If you're really feeling like clearing some brush you can brush out the old trail and take an ATV right to the creek and another nice flat camping area.

  • Offered by: Private Party
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMCCAMC 0318095
  • County Sierra
  • Price $950
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