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900 Year Old Gold Coins Found In Isreal

Any news story about gold is of interest to us here at the Western Mining Alliance, but gold treasure stories are always a good read. Recently in Isreal archaeologists uncovered a pot of gold coins which dates back to the time of the crusades. These 900 year old coins were found in a small bronze pot during an excavation of the port town of Caeserea. ...Read the story

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Warning Sign

First Look at 2019 Abandoned Claims

The Western Mining Alliance released its 2019 mining claim predictions for California and Nevada today. Driven by low gold prices and increased small miner fees the Western Mining Alliance is seeing higher than normal numbers of claims pending action by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Looking for a new mining claim? This may be the year... read more.

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Prospecting with a backpack dredge

Backpack dredges aren't just toys. Often a small dredge is the only size you can use in some small ravines with seasonal water. Many of these ravines have been overlooked and can yield good gold to those willing to hike into the remote canyons. Over 25% of dredgers use these small dredges, but at the end of the day its not the size of the dredge which counts, but the amount of more


The ESA Needs Fixing

The Endangered Species Act is 45 this year. In 1973 the Act was passed, but we had been preserving habitat and saving species well prior to that. For the first 20 years of the act there was negligible impact on the West. The second 25 years of the Act has seen an explosion in the use of the Act as a weapon by environmental groups to control the land and water. How bad has it more

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